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How We’ve Changed Lives


Reducing Anxiety

No one teaches you how to take care of yourself. You’re teaching me how to take care of myself, how to balance my life and to recognize the patterns that have brought me anxiety. The culmination of all the things we’ve been working on are coming together.

Reversing Disease

Getting my blood work done in January (because of the program) was a real eye opener, I had no idea how much the food I ate was affecting my body. I’m so glad that I was able to learn about this all now, while I’m young enough to reverse the direction I was going before needing medications.

Less Stress

I really enjoy coaching. It helps me feel less overwhelmed and stressed because I am able to talk through my week and how to tackle the challenges in front of me. Being mindful, especially about what I eat, has made all the difference.

Lowering A1C

My A1C went down and I’m feeling more and more motivated! I’ve been going outside for walks 3-4x/week, I’m impressing myself!

More Control Over Health

Seeing a real difference with my attitude toward weight loss because I am paying better attention to health. This is from your program, so thank you. No more shaming or feeling like I have no control over my own health.

Living Well with Diabetes

My doctor gave me the pamphlet to read about diabetes, but I didn’t understand it at all and didn’t know who to ask, but now you’re answering my questions each week and it is really helping me change my lifestyle.

Improving Lab Results

I just wanted to share with you that I met a non-scale victory and super excited. I had my glucose tested in June and the reading was 127, I recently had another glucose test and the results are 114. Yippee.

Preventing T2 Diabetes

I thought during the monthly sessions I wouldn’t have as much support in the program, but you proved me wrong! Thanks to the community wall and your calls, I’m just as supported as I was in the beginning of this program!

Lowering Blood Pressure

You changed my life; I was so naive before we started to talk. And this wellness program, if I wasn’t forced to go to the doctor, I wouldn’t have known I had sky high blood pressure, they almost called 911 while I was in the doctor’s office because it was so high. I used to always talk tough, but I’ve realized now it’s okay to not be okay and get help. Keep doing what you’re doing, this is a great program.

Making Healthier Choices

Weekly health coaching has helped take control of my food intake, it feels empowering to be able to say no to foods and it directly affects my self-esteem in a positive way. I used to be out of control with my food intake-it was like reckless abandonment! Now it excites me to make choices that I know are good for me.

Improving Prevention

I’m so glad that you’re forcing these preventative requirements; I haven’t had a physical in 5 years and wouldn’t have gone without a push. Thank you for making it mandatory.

Feeling Happier

I personally have come so far since talking to you. In the beginning, I was very down and never found time for myself. Talking to you has opened my eyes that I do need to find the time for me. I have learned to shut stuff out to do things for myself. I am physically, mentally, emotionally in a better place.  I feel happier and my husband says I look happier.