Digital Wellness Platform Solution

Technology That Enables Human-to-Human Employee Wellbeing Support

A Uniquely Customizable Platform for Worksite Wellness

WellSpark’s MySpark Central is the technology that enables human-to-human support and ongoing engagement and learning. MySpark Central's digital wellbeing experience gives employers the flexibility to create unique digital programming that supports the move from traditional wellness to a culture of wellbeing. 

Working with a skilled Wellness Account Manager, clients are presented with options to build the digital experience that makes the most sense for their employees to help ensure that no individual falls through the cracks. 

With the capability to track and report utilization, employers can expect to collaborate with their Wellness Account Manager to define key performance indicators to measure success and deliver programming that fits their budget.

Program includes:

  • A secure, confidential NCQA-approved Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  • Activity or outcomes-based programming
  • Integration with preventative and biometric screenings and outcomes
  • Tracking of compliance requirements
  • Customizable incentive and reward fulfillment
  • Robust catalog of health education content
  • Individual and team challenges and activity tracking

Details About Digital Wellness Platform

  • Reward employees with gift cards 
  • Create challenges aligned to WellSpark’s life-dimensional model
  • Choose activities to drive behavior change
  • Access to a catalog of live and on-demand mindfulness programming
  • Track customized compliance requirements for medical premium discounts, rebates or HRA contributions, such as completion of preventative screenings, tobacco attestation or health coaching
  • Health assessments
  • Activity tracking
  • Goal setting
  • Rewards administration
  • Interactive learning
  • Customizable challenges
  • Scheduling and secure messaging with coaches
  • Tracks biometrics and preventative care
  • Mobile app
  • Website


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