Employee Experience

Support Unique to Each Individual

Since every individual is unique, WellSpark coaches take the time to understand the sum of everything in a person’s life – the biological, psychological and social factors – so that we can help identify and remove the barriers that prevent someone from making lasting change.

Whether employees eat from a bowl or a plate, drive a truck or sit in an office, speak English or Creole, we ensure that even the hardest-to-reach workforces can participate in culturally-relevant programming that recognizes the nuances of their type of work.

Read about our unique biopsychosocial approach.

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For All of Life’s Dimensions

Imagine an employee who is overweight, potentially on the road to type 2 diabetes. A WellSpark Health Coach Educator discovers that this participant has has childcare issues that are preventing her from making time for exercise. Together, the coach and employee create a plan to solve for the childcare situation, helping her make time for healthier lifestyle choices. This is what we mean by support for all of life’s dimensions.

Support Within One Ecosystem

We strive to help every participant using our own tools and resources, referring out to other employer or community support only when absolutely needed. The WellSpark difference? Even in those cases when we refer, WellSpark’s coaches continue to work with individuals throughout the process to provide support and accountability every step of the way.

Progress, Not Perfection

Making lifestyle changes can be hard, regardless of where people along their health journey. WellSpark encourages progress over perfection and empowers participants to take steps with smaller, more realistic goals.

Human Support in a Digital System

In our digital world, sometimes you just need human connection. With WellSpark, employees benefit from having access to a rich, human support system at their fingertips. Enter through a digital platform, but engage with a human.

Preventing T2 Diabetes

I thought during the monthly sessions I wouldn’t have as much support in the program, but you proved me wrong! Thanks to the community wall and your calls, I’m just as supported as I was in the beginning of this program!

Our Solutions

Employee wellbeing is not one-size-fits all and neither are our solutions. We package them together for each client to meet the unique needs of the modern workforce.

  • Health Coaching for Life

    Lifestyle Coaching for Behavior Change

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  • Help 364

    Chronic Disease Self-Management and Support

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  • Diabetes Prevention Program

    Education and Coaching to Prevent T2 Diabetes

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  • SparkHealth Digital Experience

    Customizable Worksite Wellness Platform

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  • SparkSocial Group Coaching

    Supportive Group Coaching Experiences

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  • Activation and Engagement

    Driving Participation in Programs

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  • Life Dimensional Approach

    Our Approach

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