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Employee Benefits = Company Health

Our clients are enlightened. They’ve realized something important: the health of their employees equals the health of their business. And, they know that other programs that are one-size-fits all fail to provide what the modern employee expects and needs.

At WellSpark, we believe that employees need more than water bottles and lip balm for wellness. We give employees the support they need to help manage and prevent chronic disease, plus solutions to thrive in today’s times. Our life-dimensional approach helps people identify and unlock barriers to overcoming obstacles along their path toward a more enduring well.

We take the time to understand your company’s people strategies, exploring ways to cultivate a culture of wellbeing that achieves results. Our customized solutions are designed to influence behavior change, starting with your leaders, and we measure what we do against the key performance indicators that make the most sense for your organization.

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Next Generation Employee Insights

Measuring Life-Dimensional Impact

Since wellbeing goes beyond physical health, our reporting gives new insight into the health of your workforce across biological, psychological, and social dimensions.

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Seamless Client Experience

We make implementing WellSpark’s programs easy. Our Wellness Account Managers spend the time it takes up-front to ensure that a company’s unique needs are heard, understood, and met.

How we make the experience unique:
• Integrate with your other vendors
• Review your data and identify population health risks
• Actively outreach to your population
• Develop culturally-relevant materials to meet your workforce’s needs
Engage your workforce

Clients have the option for both phone and email support and can select a custom service experience with a unique number or use our standard support center.

Accessible, Confidential, and Secure

A Partner You Can Trust

When you work with WellSpark, you can trust that we maintain one of the highest levels of privacy and protection for your employees’ information. Regardless of how they access our programs – text, email, phone, video, or in person – digital security is one of our top priorities.

Unique Pricing Model

You Set the Budget

Our pricing model is designed like all of our solutions – unique. Most of our coaching solutions are billed by consumption, so that means you set the budget. Our digital platform and Activation Service are fixed and billed monthly and our Diabetes Prevention Program may be eligible to be billed through your health plan. Our bottom line? We want to ensure we meet your goals and your budget.

Culture of Wellbeing

Leaders Driving Behavior Change

Change happens when leaders create a culture that supports healthy behavior. WellSpark’s programs provide a variety of learning content to support leaders across all level of your organization, leveraging infrastructure you already have in place.

Less Stress

I really enjoy coaching. It helps me feel less overwhelmed and stressed because I am able to talk through my week and how to tackle the challenges in front of me. Being mindful, especially about what I eat, has made all the

Our Wellness Solutions

Employee wellbeing is not one-size-fits all and neither are our solutions. We package them together for each client to meet the unique needs of the modern workforce.