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Removing Barriers to Making Lasting Change

Every individual, company and industry is unique and we know that one-size-fits all wellness programs just don’t cut it anymore. Regardless of where your employees sit — an office, a classroom, a hospital, a parking lot or a truck — we know how to support them in ways that drive results.

WellSpark was built to address the complicated needs of the modern workforce. We rely on a multi-faceted approach for supporting engagement in our programs to ensure that the message gets to even the hardest-to-reach in your population.

We work with participants to help them identify their own personal barriers to staying on a healthy path. By steadily building upon one change — one success, after another — WellSpark creates enduring results that positively impact both employees and their employers.

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Organizations Building a Culture of Wellbeing

WellSpark has served public and private sector employers since 2013 and is honored to help these organizations and many more build a culture of wellbeing that supports the whole-person.

Cooperative and Group Purchasing Contracts

WellSpark has been awarded several ongoing contracts with cooperative purchasing organizations. For government, education and nonprofit entities, these contracts can offer a compliant and trusted process to satisfy bid requirements and competitive buying power with fully vetted suppliers. These cooperative purchasing organizations offer convenient, easy, no-cost registration to gain the benefits of WellSpark’s awarded contracts. Follow the links below for more information on the contracts WellSpark has been awarded.