Solutions for the Whole Person

Wellbeing Programs That Account for Every Dimension of Life

Disrupting Workplace Wellness with a Life-Dimensional Approach

WellSpark’s life-dimensional model approaches a person’s wellbeing through a biopsychosocial lens. In all of our programs, we use components of our proprietary, life-dimensional wellbeing assessment to identify and unlock the barriers that prevent them from making lasting change. Health Coach Educators and Nurse Wellness Coaches help participants set actionable goals to help improve lifestyle behaviors that may contribute to chronic disease and undue expenses related to absenteeism, lost productivity, talent retention, and overall healthcare costs.

In addition to group and individual lifestyle coaching and chronic disease management, WellSpark has a customizable, digital wellbeing platform that gives employers the flexibility to create unique digital programming. Clients have options to build the digital experience that makes the most sense for their employees. With capability to track and report utilization, employers can expect to collaborate with their Wellness Account Manager to help define key performance indicators to measure success and deliver programming within an employer’s budget.

Most importantly, WellSpark’s solutions create a seamless experience, collaborating with an employers’ other vendors and benefits to ensure that no individual falls through the cracks.

Our Solutions

Employee wellbeing is not one-size-fits all and neither are our solutions. We package them together for each client to meet the unique needs of the modern workforce.

  • Health Coaching for Life

    Lifestyle Coaching for Behavior Change

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  • Help 364

    Chronic Disease Self-Management and Support

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  • Diabetes Prevention Program

    Education and Coaching to Prevent T2 Diabetes

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  • SparkHealth Digital Experience

    Customizable Worksite Wellness Platform

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  • SparkSocial Group Coaching

    Supportive Group Coaching Experiences

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  • Activation and Engagement

    Driving Participation in Programs

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  • Life Dimensional Approach

    Our Approach

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