How much should I expect to spend on a wellness program?

Cost is more than price tag. It’s also about evaluating a program’s ability to engage and target the employees who can benefit most from better wellbeing.

The cost of wellness programs varies widely but generally are on the rise. According to a pre-COVID-19 pandemic 2020 study published by Business Group on Health, wellness programs have seen a 36% increase in cost. Typically, companies spend between $3 and $7 per employee per month ($36 – $84 annually) for a wellness platform, many of which include at least some level of health coaching. Scale can lower the per-employee cost of a wellness program, as companies with more employees usually see a lower cost-per-individual.

Average Cost Comparison for Wellness Programs

Standard Program ElementsIndustry Average LowIndustry Average HighWellSpark Average
Digital wellness platform + app (annually, per employee)$36$84$45
Incentives and rewards, such as gift cards (annually, per employee)$40$75$50
Individual health coaching sessions (per session)$50$350$120
Biometric screenings (per screening)$40$75$55
Pricing varies by client. Costs shown reflect an average of WellSpark clients and are subject to change.

Additional costs associated with implementing a wellness program might be:

  • Incentives: To drive program participation, employers might fund incentives and rewards, often in the form of gift cards or lower health insurance premiums.
  • Coaching: More individualized coaching and support is often offered for an additional fee, charged either per session or per month.
  • Events and Activities: Hosting wellness fairs or biometric screening events aid participation. Biometric screenings, for example, may cost between $40 and $75 per person.

These costs do not include extra customization, strategy and support, or individualized coaching services you may seek.  In many cases, employers may choose to purchase an additional single-point solution, such as those offering diabetes management or mental health support services.

How is WellSpark Priced?

WellSpark seeks to offer clients a cost advantage that reflects actual participation levels. For the first year of the WellSpark program, when engagement is typically lower, customers usually opt not to pay “full freight” but rather only for their employees who actually participate, along with a low “per employee per month” rate for access to WellSpark‘s digital support tools. Then, as participation increases, WellSpark applies guardrails to prevent unpredictable expense increases resulting from greater employee use of the program.

WellSpark’s program consists of three core components:

  1. Digital platform with accompanying app
  2. Personal health assessments and educational content
  3. Coaching

With WellSpark, companies of up to 2,000 employees can expect to spend $70 to $135 annually per employee, not inclusive of incentives or rewards. The more employees an organization has, the lower the cost per employee will be. WellSpark consultants work closely with clients to recommend the option that makes the most financial sense for achieving company wellness goals.

Learn more about how to select the right wellness program for your organization.