Video: Reimagining emotional support in the workplace

Spoiler alert — “one size does not fit all.”

Today’s employees are yearning for connection and support in the workplace, and employers who take a whole-person approach to employee health and wellbeing are better equipped to quench that demand and, in turn, foster a healthier and more productive workforce.

In a recent LinkedIn Live conversation, Rachael Perillo, SHRM-SCP, regional director of talent management at OneDigital, joined Andi Campbell, president of WellSpark Health, to discuss the changing roles employers play in employee wellbeing and the benefit to those who strive headlong to provide holistic and empathetic support.

With 15 years of HR experience, and now as team leader herself, Perillo speaks to:

  • What “reimagining emotional health” really means
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic shifted employees’ workplace expectations
  • The modern need for reassurance and connection
  • How to make space and cater to employees in different seasons of life
  • Taking a life-dimensional approach to health and wellness that accounts for mental, emotional, physical and financial wellbeing
  • Tips for strategizing (and individualizing) self-care

Watch the full video here: Reimagining emotional support in the workplace