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FARMINGTON, Conn. – March 31, 2022 – WellSpark Health, a leading wellbeing, disease prevention and management company and Healthbot, maker of the only FDA-cleared health station solely focused on workplace wellness, have come together to create a unique experience designed to engage America’s workforce in managing and improving their health. The innovative, first of its kind program provides participating employees with on-the-spot health data followed by an invitation to work with a WellSpark health coach to help make lasting positive health changes – all in one interaction with the Healthbot health station.

The Healthbot health station, pictured below, provides individuals with “their numbers” onsite at their place of employment in a private and secure setting. Data includes blood pressure, weight, body mass index, and heart rate. Once an individual receives their health data, a QR code appears instantly creating the opportunity to schedule a session with a WellSpark health coach. Increasing health awareness through data coupled with the immediate offer of health coaching improves both employee engagement and health outcomes.

WellSpark branded Healthbot kiosk
Unique participant experience pairs on-the-spot health data with personalized health coaching.

“WellSpark and Healthbot share a vision that it’s time for new ways to engage employees in improving and maintaining their health. Combining Healthbot’s data technology with WellSpark’s personalized health coaching offers employees a proven path to successfully meeting their health goals which benefit the individual, their families, and the employer. WellSpark’s partnership with Healthbot is an example of how we’re creating the next generation of employee benefits,” said Andi Campbell, WellSpark’s Chief Growth Officer. 

“WellSpark is the ideal complement to our Healthbot offering,” says Jim Evans, president of Healthchek Network (manufacturer of Healthbot). “The ability to connect with WellSpark’s coaching team with real-time Healthbot derived data in hand, will assist in defining and measuring individual’s wellness goals. Healthbot data can also be used to incentivize program participants, improving their engagement in the overall wellness program.  We believe this comprehensive solution will be essential to any workplace wellness program and look forward to partnering with WellSpark to bring this unique solution, as well as further innovation, to the wellness marketplace.”

Healthbot and WellSpark began partnering in January 2022. 

About WellSpark

WellSpark Health, a leading wellbeing, disease prevention and management company, delivers a full suite of customized programs designed to support the modern workforce in achieving their personal well. Working with WellSpark, employers create a culture of health motivating employees to engagement and enduring change. This ultimately leads to mitigating future healthcare costs, improving productivity and engagement, and reducing absenteeism. Based in Connecticut, WellSpark serves public and private sector employers throughout the United States. WellSpark is part of the EmblemHealth family of companies. For more information, visit

About Healthbot

The Healthbot is Healthchek Network’s premier health station. Since clearance by the FDA the Healthbot has become a successful part of corporate wellness programs – small to large- across the country. The Healthbot is not a pharmacy kiosk repurposed for employee wellness. From the user interface to reporting capabilities the Healthbot is specifically designed to meet the demands of the wellness market. Healthchek’s principals have over 50 years of Health Station experience managing a fleet of over 5000 health stations. Healthchek also provides installation and maintenance service across the United States. For more information, visit